Can’t wear scarves in summer?

Silk scarves have long been recognized as a styling tool for elegant women. The beauty of it is not only that it can add luster to ordinary clothes, but also that it can instantly elevate the wearer’s temperament. Be in autumn winter especially, fashionable woman is fondle admiringly to it more.

But are silk scarves only suitable for autumn and winter when warmth are needed? Be not, of course, to fashionable woman character, silk scarf but of the four seasons dress up beautiful artifact, especially summer, flowery and colorful silk scarf can bring the visual effect that icing on the cake to you more.

This issue, I will summe up a few silk scarves that suit summer and their trend to wear for everyone. Simple and practical, learned you can also be fashionable effect double, hurry to see!

As the silk scarf in summer, we no longer need its warm effect, the simple function of dressing up the beauty of the silk scarf is no longer confined to the size, material and thickness of the restrictions

Handkerchief towel

The choicest and chic handkerchief towel becomes the most practical choice that fashionable woman decorates oneself in summer. Especially for simple and elegant pure color jacket, handkerchief finishing effect is more prominent.

 and top

 Without too much skill, simply tying a unique graphic handkerchief around your neck is enough to bring life and vitality to a boring solid color top.

 vitali color top

Especially for the jacket with a larger neckline, the handkerchief can not only adjust the fashion effect of clothes, but also break the sense of blank in a large area of shoulder and neck, and enhance the overall level effect.

vitalitg solid color top

For collared jackets, a handkerchief can be worn as a tie under the collar, which is also a stylish way to make an eye.

 ity to a boring solid color top

Of course, the advantage of handkerchief is that it can not only be worn on the neck to have decorative effect, even if worn on the arm or ankle can play a fashionable decorative effect, and even tied to the handle of the bag, can also carry out the fashion trend to the end.

 vitality to a bori

Neck with silk scarves

In addition to the traditional handkerchief, the most popular silk scarf of the current summer is the neck scarf.

 vitality to a borior top

True to its name, its effect resembles a long ribbon. Such scarves in the hands of fashionable women is a huge potential. It can be worn on the chest like a necktie or tied behind the head as a headband.

 viing solid color top

It can even be woven into neat braids for a more retro feel.

 vitality to a bop

vitality to a boring solidtop

Even around the bun winding a few circles, neatly tied at the back of the head, both fashionable, easy and noble, classical breath.

Big squares

 vitag solid color top

For example, when wearing a low-cut dress, the neck is too exposed, you can use a large square to adjust. Or it is to take at will with big square scarf on the shoulder, with pure color dress collocation combination, simple and modern.

For the big square towel, many people are no problem that it is autumn and winter accessories. In fact, you can also wear a large square in summer, even more amazing.

 vitaing solid color top

If the above variety of tying method is not enough to meet your requirements for silk scarf collocation, then you might as well boldly try to wear silk scarves as clothes! It definitely has the funky effect of making your eyes pop.

 vty to a borig solid color top

Although summer is hot, but big towel must not idle waste oh! Hit it into a big bow before the chest, flower is unique, administrative levels are rich, no matter be single wear or do inside take, the effect is fashionable and foreign.

 vitad color top

ving solid color top


Or simple fold in half, make it wipe bosom fastens at the back, do not break vogue simply. Show good figure at the same time, sexy and fashionable spice girl holiday wind panoramic view.

 vitality to atop

If you’re worried about showing too much, don’t feel sorry you can’t wear it. Put on a short-sleeved coat or a small cardigan, and use a silk scarf as your underwear.

 vring solid color top

vitality tatop


Of course, there are more than two ways to tie a large square scarf as a top. If you don’t like the chest effect, you can boldly try all kinds of wrapping methods. Do not let fixed thinking limit your imagination, as long as the size of the large square towel is large enough, you will be able to wind out the satisfactory effect.

Post time: Jun-22-2022