Into The World Of Mulberry Silk—No.2

Last time we introduced three categories of silk,satin, crepe DE Chine, habutai. today we will continue to introduce the following categories,chiffon, taffeta, crepe serpentine, Georgette, Organza.

Taffeta, a silk fabric made of ripe silk.Good luster, fine and crisp, feel like umbrella cloth, especially easy to wrinkle, easy to form permanent creases, so should not fold and pressure, commonly used drum packaging. They are also special products in Suzhou and Hangzhou in China. They are suitable for umbrellas, skirts and shirts.Before launching really crisp, after launching horrible.Not suitable for begin- silk -lovers, very difficult to arrange.Taffeta production process is complex, the output is not much, can only be limited supply, so it appears more precious rare.


Crepe serpentine,use plain fabric structure changes, cloth crepe are obvious, products rich in natural expansion, interlacing point has the characteristics of strong, not easy to loose, grilled crack cloth with perforated points, such as yarn hemp style, products in addition to the soft, smooth, breathable, easy to wash, the advantages of more comfort and better drapability and what is unique about the fabric printing, embroidery pattern, make clothes for women at different age.

Georgette, its light and easy to penetrate, feel soft and elastic, good permeability and drapability, silk particles slightly convex, loose structure.In fact, georgey crepe specifications are many, mainly depends on the mulberry silk raw material thickness, silk yarn composite, how much twist and warp and weft density.Therefore, Georgey has thick and thin ones, the common ones are 4.5mm and 12mm, and the arrangement of the warp and weft is not discussed here.Personal preference heavy georgey crepe, opaque, vertical, not easy to wrinkle, easy to take care of, the first georgette is 100%silk, later man-made fibers came out, according to the use of raw materials can be divided into pure silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgetteand and interwoven georgette.


Organza is not only pure silk necessarily, also have 2 kinds of polyester and silk .The organza in many shopping malls is polyester, because the real silk organza and polyester organza are hard to distinguish with the naked eye.Silk organza is hardness, but it is not as hard as polyester.Pure silk organza feels softer, doesn't stick, and is slightly crisp, but not as crisp as polyester.The disadvantage is that it's very easy to snap, hook.Polyester fiber is much better.Organza is easy to penetrate and is good for wedding dresses and dresses, but be sure to put interlining under them.

Post time: Feb-24-2022