How To Wear Scarves

Scarves can not only keep you warm, but also have a lot of fashion elements. Today, taking wool scarves as an example, We will show you 10 different ways of wearing scarves.

Round 1: The scarf is hung 2:1 round the neck, with the long end wrapped around the neck and tucked into the loop.


Round 2: Wrap the two ends of the scarf with a rubber band, wrap it around your neck, cross it behind your head, and wrap it around your neck. This is my favorite way to go out on the street. It's super simple and unique.


Round 3: Scarf with 2:1 length around the neck, the long end of a circle around the neck, and then into the ring, and then the scarf into the ring slightly pulled out a small hole, the other side of the scarf into the small hole, finally pulled tight, like a lovely little twist on the chest.


Round 4: The scarf is still hung on the neck with a length of 2:1, the long end of the neck, and then tie the scarf at both ends in a knot. This kind of wrapping method is very suitable for cute beautiful girls, no matter the front and side are hot and beautiful.


Round 5: Hang the scarf in half around your neck and tie a loose knot around your chest. This style is perfect for wearing a coat and has an elegant little style.


Round 6: Align the scarf and fold it in half around the neck, tucking the remaining ends into the loop. This is a classic French clasp, and it's perfect for a boyfriend.


Round 7: Tie the whole scarf in a loose knot, with the end of the knot facing forward, wrap both ends of the scarf around your neck, and tuck each end into the knot.


Round 8: Tie the end of the scarf in two knots, then twist it around and wrap it around your neck.


Round 9: Wrap the scarf around your neck, fold it over in half to make a small hole, and tuck the ends of the scarf into the hole.


Round 10: Wrap the scarf around your neck and tuck the remaining ends into the loop.

That's 10 ways to wear a thick scarf. Next time, we'll share how to wear a silk scarf.


Post time: Feb-24-2022