Company News

  • The Birth Of A Scarf
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    1.This is a loom, which produces white grey cloth Yarn-dyed machine,The yarn is dyed and then woven directly into colorful shapes and patterns ...Read more »

  • Into The World Of Mulberry Silk—No.2
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    Last time we introduced three categories of silk,satin, crepe DE Chine, habutai. today we will continue to introduce the following categories,chiffon, taffeta, crepe serpentine, Georgette, Organza. Taffeta, a silk fabric made of ripe silk.Good luster, fine and crisp, fee...Read more »

  • Into The World Of Mulberry Silk—No.1
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    Today I take you to introduce the mulberry silk, introduce the kind of silk, true and false discrimination, silk fabrics and quality of silk. The main types of mulberry silk fabrics are satin, crepe DE Chine, habutai, chiffon, taffeta, crepe serpentine, Georgette, Organz...Read more »

  • Ready To Ship
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    In the ventilated production plant, the staff are busy with production, sewing trademark,  ironing, packaging, orderly! The silk scarf in the hands of the workers flipped.The workers in our workshop are all local residents. They are permanent staff who have been in the f...Read more »

  • New Production
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    Today, our factory is producing a new product, the hair ribbon, which is about to be sent to Europe. The ribbon is made of a pure cotton square scarf, which is folded manually, and then stitched into a shape by machine. Then, 12 pairs of beads are stitched together by ha...Read more »

  • Manual Edge Silk Satin Scarf
    Post time: 06-03-2019

    Today, our factory is producing pure silk satin scarves which have manual edges. Manual edge is not same as machine edge, both from the visual and tactile, the manual edge is seen to be more stronger,  there's a sense of class.general high-end custom silk brands are incl...Read more »