Into The World Of Mulberry Silk—No.1

Today I take you to introduce the mulberry silk, introduce the kind of silk, true and false discrimination, silk fabrics and quality of silk.

The main types of mulberry silk fabrics are satin, crepe DE Chine, habutai, chiffon, taffeta, crepe serpentine, Georgette, Organza.

Satin,It belongs to the conventional fabrics in silk fabrics, the bright satin is very noble, feel smooth, and the organization is compact;This is the silk fabric just in the mind of a lot of people, cheongsam material, like the pearl’s smooth sheen, bright color!The fabric feels good in the hand, so buyer satisfaction is usually higher when selling satin.This kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle, but after ironing, smooth quickly,to perfect its shine;Satin is a very noble fabric, in fact, some design with this fabric is really very beautiful. satin is suitable for dresses, scarves, shirts and so on.


Crepe,which is characterized by two-way fine wrinkles on the silk surface, so it is called crepe DE Chine.It is an important variety in China's silk production and export, accounting for 15% and more than 10% of the total production and export of pure silk.Good texture, wide use, popular, prosperous sales.Suitable for shirts, skirts, etc.


Habutai is a kind of silk woven by mulberry silk, which is made by plain weave.Because of the use of factory silk and Electric machine instead of Manual weaving.Habutai is compact, fine and clean in texture, soft and firm in hand, soft in luster, smooth and comfortable to wear.Mainly used for summer shirts, skirts and children's clothing fabrics;Medium for lining clothing;Light Habutai can be used for petticoats, scarves, etc.It's a kind of high-grade fabric.Thin Habutai can be used for wool cashmere coat silk dress lining, slightly thicker shirt, dress and so on.


Ok, today we will introduce these 3 kinds, and next week we will continue to introduce other silkworm varieties.

Post time: Feb-24-2022