Ready To Ship

In the ventilated production plant, the staff are busy with production, sewing trademark,  ironing, packaging, orderly! The silk scarf in the hands of the workers flipped.The workers in our workshop are all local residents. They are permanent staff who have been in the factory for many years.When the scarves are finished, they will be packaged and shipped around the world.Since the resumption of work, Our production capacity has gradually recovered, and all orders are being delivered in an orderly manner. The production capacity affected by 2019-nCoV outbreak has been recovered.


Workers in theproduction plant are kept at a distance of one meter and do not need to wear masks


These are packed finished goods box, waiting for shipment to the port of Shanghai


Box marks, a total of 38 boxes will be shipped today, each box is about 110 scarves, more than 4000 silk scarves are ready for export.

Post time: Feb-24-2022